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  • Raja GuhaThakurta’s TEDx talk

Raja GuhaThakurta’s TEDx talk

  • March 21st, 2016

Watch Raja GuhaThakurta’s TEDx talk about the importance of engaging youth in research (October 2015 – TEDx […]


This summer’s program will feature 50+ projects across astronomy & astrophysics, biomolecular engg., chemistry & biochemistry, computer science & computer engg., economics, ecology & evolutionary biology, electrical engg., earth & marine sciences, environmental studies, linguistics, molecular, cell & developmental biology, physics, and psychology. The project list will continue to grow through early April.

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SIP was definitely one of my most rewarding academic experiences thus far. It is from SIP that I gained my love for science and my respect of the research process.
Michelle Deng, Student
Not only was I able to really dive into the exciting world of research with my very own project, but also I was able to join a community of other student researchers, working together and helping each other to make advancements and new findings.
Andrew Luo, Student
SIP is a great program that provides lifelong benefits to high school students. The mentors not only guide the students in their scientific research, but also serve as role models for the students.
Ningyue Zhao, Parent