The second SIP reunion was hosted by Google on the evening of Thursday, December 21, 2017. Here are some photos from the event (photo credits: Steve Kurtz).


    6:30PM Doors opened
    8:00PM SIP program update and introduction of the keynote speaker: Raja GuhaThakurta (SIP Director)
    8:10PM Keynote lecture and Q&A: Jeff Dean (Google Senior Fellow & co-lead, Google Brain Team;
    8:50PM Perspectives on SIP: Brian Tuan (SIP alumnus, 2013) and Talia Waltzer (SIP mentor, 2016–2017)
    9:05PM Announcement of the 2017 SIP Annual Fund: Tony Debs & Lillian Soohoo (parents of SIP alumni)
    9:10PM Closing remarks: Raja GuhaThakurta (SIP Director)

Links to presentations: