Raja GuhaThakurta

Raja GuhaThakurta

Raja GuhaThakurta (PhD in Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton U.) is a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at UCSC. He founded SIP in 2009. He and his PhD students and postdocs have mentored many SIP interns. He also has a parent’s perspective: his daughter was a SIP intern in 2013 and 2014. In 2015, he started the Global SPHERE Network through collaborations with Google and the New York Academy of Sciences’ Global STEM Alliance to increase STEM research opportunities for high school students around the world and to increase the participation of underrepresented students. He is the astrophysics instructor for UCSC COSMOS, teaches large introductory astronomy classes at UCSC, and is active in outreach. GuhaThakurta’s research focuses on the formation and evolution of galaxies, their assembly history, galaxy cannibalism, dynamics and dark matter content, chemical enrichment, and star-formation history. His research group studies Andromeda, the Milky Way, and galaxies in nearby groups and clusters using the Keck and Hubble telescopes. See his webpage for media coverage of his group’s research, publications, and his artwork.

Emily Entress

Emily Entress

Emily Entress (BA in Spanish & Communications, Santa Clara U.) serves as the coordinator for the SIP program. Her main role is to work with the team to facilitate communication between all parties, including mentors, UCSC administrators, potential parents, student applicants, and once accepted, SIP interns. She also works with the SIP administration team to coordinate the application process, intern events, housing, and transportation for the summer program. Since 2015, she has been working actively with GuhaThakurta to help build out the Global SPHERE Network (where SPHERE = STEM Programs for High-schoolers Engaging in Research Early). Conversations have already taken place with over 100 research institutions in 18 countries. She is currently (temporarily) based in Sydney, Australia, and enjoys communicating remotely through the phone, Skype, and email. Previously, she worked at Castilleja School, an all-girls school in Palo Alto, California, as the Communications and Intern Coordinator for the ACE Center. She is passionate about providing opportunities for high school students to experience their interests in real-world settings.

Nina Arnberg
Program Specialist

Nina Arnberg

Nina Arnberg (PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UCSC) is the program specialist for SIP where she is responsible for program recruitment, application review and analysis, supporting interns and mentors by designing/facilitating workshops during the program, assessing the program’s greater impact, and strengthening partnerships between SIP and related programs (e.g., MAGIC, COSMOS, Minds Matter of San Francisco, and some of Google’s K­12 programs. Nina is the Director of the M-BEST program and a science teacher at the Menlo School. Her dissertation research at UCSC focused on understanding the role of genetics on social behavior of vertebrates (ecology & evolutionary biology dept.) and teaching argumentation in STEM education (education dept.). Her previous experiences with science internship programs include serving as a NSF GK-12 fellow in the SCWIBLES program, conducting STEM educational research as a fellow for the Institute of Scientist & Engineer Educators, and designing and facilitating workshops for interns and mentors as a STEM communication instructor with Hawaii’s Akamai Workforce Initiative.

For questions about the Science Internship Program, please contact the program staff at ucsc-sip@ucsc.edu.

For urgent or time-critical matters only, the program staff may be reached at: (831)359-6188, but please keep in mind that email is likely to be answered more promptly than voicemail.

Special Thanks

We appreciate the excellent contributions of the following individuals toward the building and maintenance of the SIP application management system, website and program infrastructure:

  • Bob Stillerman (RS International Consulting)
  • Peter Minogue (Marketing & Outreach, Silicon Valley Initiatives, UCSC)
  • Brian Tuan (former SIP intern, University of Chicago undergraduate)
  • Atticus Woodbury (UCSC undergraduate)
  • Susan Grasso (CRLP, UCSC; former SIP administrator)
  • Joanne Yamaguma (retired; former SIP administrator)