SIP 2017 Kickoff Event

    The presentation slides are linked here.

    Date/time: Sunday, June 11, 2017 / 2:00–5:00 PM PDT
    Event location: Classroom Unit 2, UCSC (link to map)
    Free parking: Hahn parking lot, UCSC (link to map)


Introduction and brief overview of SIP
[Raja GuhaThakurta: 2:00–2:20 PM (20 minutes)]
– Introductions and thanks
Authentic research projects; symbiotic nature of the program
– Distributed format: individual/small groups of interns embedded in research groups
– Events calendar: mini workshops, enrichment lectures, field trips, final presentations
– Campus housing; daily shuttle
– Markers of the program’s success
– Some basic stats for the 2017 program

Brief mentor introductions
[SIP mentors grouped by subject area – introduced by Nina Arnberg: 2:20–3:00 PM (40 minutes)]

Daily life at SIP
[Alexandria Leckliter: 3:00–3:20 PM (20 minutes)]
– Getting to campus
– Dorms; lunch options
– First day
– Group activities
– SIP office and staff support

Resources and precautions
[Abbi Davis: 3:20–3:25 PM (5 minutes)]
– Lab and field work safety training
– Computational resources
– Office space

Advice for SIP interns
[Returning SIP interns and mentors – introduced by Abbi Davis: 3:25–3:40 PM (15 minutes)]
[Raja GuhaThakurta: 3:40–3:45 PM (5 minutes)]
– Take ownership because it is your research project
– What you put into the project will determine what you will get out of it
– Understand the broader context of your research project
– Teamwork (collaborative research with your mentors and peers) is very important
– Make efficient use of your mentor’s time
– Act professionally

Optional post-summer activities
[Raja GuhaThakurta: 3:45–3:50 PM (5 minutes)]
– Submitting papers to the Siemens and Intel nationwide science competitions
– Contributing to meeting abstracts and journal papers; presenting at meetings
– Letters of recommendations from the mentors

Q&A session
[SIP team: 3:50–4:00 PM (10 minutes)]

Mentor Breakout Session
[SIP team: 4:00–5:00PM (1 hour)]