SIP housing for summer 2019 will be in Porter College Residential Hall B. All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided in the Rachel Carson College Dining Hall.

Check-in: Porter College Residential Hall B from 4–6 pm on Sunday, June 23. RAs will be on hand to greet interns and their families.

SIP is a Monday–Friday summer internship program. For students who cannot or would rather not deal with daily commute logistics and are open to a more immersive college experience with other students and program participants, SIP provides optional dormitory housing and meals on the UCSC campus during all eight (8) weeks of the program.

Interns in summer housing reside in UCSC dormitory space (SIP contracts for summer housing with UCSC Conference Services’ summer session) and are grouped together on two dorm floors (girls and boys on separate floors), with UCSC undergraduates serving as residential assistants (RAs) also in residence on the floors. For most interns, the only available housing option is weekday-only housing (Sunday through Thursday nights; meals: Sunday dinner through Friday lunch) and they are expected to go home to their families or local guardians on weekends. Out-of-area interns may receive special permission to avail of full week housing (Sunday through Saturday nights; meals: Sunday dinner through lunch on the following Sunday). RAs provide supervision in the dormitory and for non-academic time social activities around campus on weekday evenings (and weekends for those in full week housing).

Housing Costs for 2019

The cost is $500 per week for weekday-only housing (Sunday through Thursday nights), includes 3 dining hall meals per day (Sunday dinner through Friday lunch), and covers other program costs such as supervision by undergraduate RAs, parking, campus shuttle, etc. The cost is $730 per week for full week housing (weekdays+weekend; Sunday through Saturday nights) and includes Sunday dinner through lunch on the following Sunday.

If you wish to send a letter/package to a SIP intern who is living in the UCSC campus dorm, please use the following mailing address:

UC Santa Cruz — Porter College
c/o SIP [Participant’s Name]
West Conference Office
Porter Apt. Bldg. E, Apt. 105
Santa Cruz, CA 95064